Check BRD_TYPE px4io failed start


I have a problem with my Pixhawk PX4. I have just finished building and testing my Hexacopter with the Pixhawk and everything was fine. I would have made its first test flight had it not been raining. I left it till the following morning, plugged the flight battery in and the pixhawk made it usual tones, but then followed by one beep, one higher beep, and four lower beeps. the main LED is no longer lit, nor is the safety switch LED. The only led’s that are on are the green FMU/PWR and the IO/PWR. Mission Planner shows check BRD_TYPE px4io failed start. I have found some info about the beeps, which seem to indicate that the firmware needs updating, and I should press the safety switch whilst rebooting the Pixhawk, which I have done but nothing happens. I have loaded a different vehicle type firmware onto the Pixhawk and the error remains. I have tried all of the above using QGroundcontroll, which gives me a different set of beep codes that I can find no meaning for. I really need some help here please. If any one has a solution, please help. the only saving grace with this is that it went wrong with my hexacopter on the ground, and not on its first test flight.

Were you able to resolve this problem? I currently have the same problem, it’s been over a year so I am assuming you have been able to fix it? Any help?