Pixhawk Mini is missing Tuning parameters

Hello everybody!

I am using Pixhawk Mini with PX4 firmware and trying to tune the PID parameters I found it is missing them. You can see it in picture below:

Is it a general problem of Pixhawk Mini or is something wrong with mine? Also I tried to scroll the bar of those parameters you can see in the picture but they don’t save the changes.

Anyone having same problem? Is there a solution?

Thank you in advance!


Fixed in daily builds

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Thank you DonLakeFlyer!

So should I update QGC? Or was it automatically fixed?

You need to install the latest daily build

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Thank you. Already installed!

Hello again!

I’m testing Pixhawk 4 and it has the same problem. Do you know if it is fixed? I attach picture

Thank you for your help!