Pixhawk Mini from 3DR


On the Pixhawk mini, we see that the IMU MPU600 is replaced with the MPU9250 which has also compass in addition to acc + gyro and the lsm303d (gyro + acc) of Pixhawk is no longer existing on Pixhawk Mini, also the Gyro L3GD20 of Pixhawk is replaced by ICM-20608 which is gyro + accelerometer module.

Does this really make sense? I mean we are designing our custom flight controller board based on Pixhawk and some companion computer expansion connector, i am asking does anybody see an improvement on Pixhawk Mini sensors?
My opinion is the SPOF factor is increased in Pixhawk mini, by the inclusion of acc + gyro + compass to a single chip which is mostly used in mobile phones for price and area concerns.


Pixhawk used MPU6000 because back at that time when Pixhawk was designed there was not much choice on the market - MPU6000 itself also belongs to consumer level sensors. It can not be judged simply by which one is elder. As invensense did not integrate 10DOF into it may just because technically not feasible at that time.

Both MPU6000/lsm303d belongs to 1st gen of sensors. As time goes by the noise level of these sensors are improved as technology evolved , while in the other aspect, vendors tend to cost down the chip due to competition - this may lead to some degrade on the sensor performance. But the overall measurements still shows the improvements on noise level (at least according to sensor vendors). And in real practice, you still have no choice as sensor vendors discontinue old models so you have to move on.

However, if we talk specially about 9250, many people have issues specificly on the compass it integrated. Beside of that i am fine with them.

Thanks for reply @rolandash, our pcbs went into manufacturing today, if we see a significant improvement from community about the new gen sensors, we will modify the pcbs in next version then.