Pixhawk Mini yaw control problem

Hello, I tested my Pixhawk MIni with ‘Stabilized control mode’.

When I try to hover my multi-rotor, it maintains hovering about for 2 seconds.

However, it suddenly changes it yaw very fast, which makes the performance very unstable.

I am currently not using GPS+Compass module because I will fly it only with a motion capture system.

As I know, however, Pixhawk Mini already has compass in it. So I think it does not require additional compass in indoor flight. I also conducted several experiments with the old Pixhawk without GPS antenna.

What makes this problem as you think?

Thanks for your time.

I added the GPS module and the yaw control problem was solved.

I think the magnetic field near Mini continuously changes due to the motors.

Without that problem, I face new issue in roll-pitch control. It is fine at the beginning of the flight, but it slowly drift to one direction.

I will compare the results of local estimator in PX4 and the results of motion capture system, and upload the result.

Thank you.

that is awesome i wonder if this has been part of my issues if u get chance could u look @ mine to i truly haven’t learned to read this info yet and would like to know what your take is on it http://logs.uaventure.com/view/rWvpD5hExmeYXTRhw2v9X

@greybush Looks like you have oscillations when throttling up. Maybe @Mark_Whitehorn can help you on that.
An your magnetometer is clearly influenced by the current draw.

I won’t be able to comment on Pixhawk Mini till I have a schematic for it.