Custom firmware issue

Hello All,
I’ve built a quad tiltrotor VTOL firmware. Everything seems to be ok.

The problem I’m facing is that every time pixhawk is powered down I’m losing the custom airframe configuration, all sensors, radios, compass are in not calibrated state and shown in red on QGC.
I want a persistent calibration data once the airframe is selected and applied from QGC.

How can I prevent loss of configuration data?


Anyone, has any response for this behavior?

We also had similar experience with a pixhack V3. But not consistent behaviour. Sometimes, when we change battery, all settings will be gone and the ESC will start to beep (suspect that the IO did not boot up properly). One quick fix is to save the parameters as a file and try to load that when this happens. We will need to load parameters for some times, before it can get back to work again.

Hello @Zhengtian_Ma,

Thanks for your response.
I’m using pixhawk cube orange. It is true that this is not a consistent behavior but happens quite frequently with custom firmware.
I’d like to hear from px4 developers.