Pixhawk boot SD card related problems


I have been using the Pixhawk with Nuttx version (Aug. 2014, commit 41fffa0). Now I would like to get some new updates from Nuttx and updated the Nuttx submodule to the latest. Everything compiled ok and once rebooted the Pixhawk. The console kept coming out file system related warning shown as attached.
boot_log.pdf (26.9 KB)

Then I switched back to the Nuttx@41fffa0, rebuilt Nuttx and Firmware and downloaded. However, the Pixhawk still cannot boot correctly and had the same console outputs. Somehow it cannot be reverted in this way? Please kindly suggest. Thank you.


I had an issue which was, I thought, closed to yours, the Pixhawk did not boot correctly and the mixer on the SD card (microsd/etc/mixers/myMixer.mix) was deleted after each boot try.

I had reformat my SD card and reinstall the firmware (stable) and it work.

I hope this will help you.


Thanks Vivien.

I tried with another working SD card in FAT format and the same problem appeared. Seems something wrong with the Nuttx filesystem cannot recognise the SD card…