Pixhawk 6x RSSI/SBUS

I am in qGroundControl and have been working to get an SBUS signal out of the Pixhawk 6x. I see from the wiring diagram that the RSSI port IN can also be used as an SBUS out. I also found in the parameters the PWM_SBUS_Mode setting that says you can enable SBUS out. However, when I do this the Pixhawk does not appear to be outputting an SBUS signal. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get an SBUS signal out of the the Pixhawk?

Enable the parameter you have set. Usually, I use the powerbox ‘PowerBox Systems - PowerBox Mercury SR2’ for Sbus to increase the number of PWM outputs.

Sbus out only outputs I/O PWM signals and not Aux.

All flight controllers will not generate SBUS signals by themselves. They can at most activate the bypass mechanism. The premise is that there must be an SBUS signal input. For example, if the SBUS signal is input to the flight controller from Uart6-RX, then Uart6-TX will generate the same signal. For output, the digital signals of RSSI share the SBUS transmission protocol, so as long as there is RSSI at the SBUS input end, the same signal will be generated at the SBUS output end.