Pixhawk 6C mini Telem2 no data

Hello, I am trying to read some telemetry data from my Pixhawk 6C mini but when I connect the RX TX to an ESP32, running a simple UART echo firmware which just prints what is being sent on RX TX, I only seeing 1 byte of data. I set the baud rate to 57600 on my ESP32.

The pixhawk 6C mini is currently connected to a M8N GPS module but is not armed as I am just connecting it via USB to develop some code first. The configurations was set via mission planner onto the pixhawk.

Is there some configuration or setting I need to configure or enable on the pixhawk before it will send any data on telem2?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re using MissionPlanner you’re probably using ArduPilot and not PX4 and might want to ask in their forums: discuss.ardupilot.org.

Thanks JulianOes! I will try check with them.