Pixhawk 6C Mini & CRSF Telemetry


I have been looking at this part of the documentation: CRSF Telemetry (TBS Crossfire Telemetry) | PX4 User Guide (main)

I built the firmware with the crsf_rc module included, the input_rc module was actually aleady disabled in the boardconfig tool by default?

I am recieiving telemetry messages on my transmitter, but when trying to calibrate the radio in qGroundControl I am not seeing any activity on the channel monitor and flight controller does not seem to be recieving anything from the transmitter.

Can anyone suggest how I should be trying to debug this issue? I connected directly to the FC using screen to get the nuttx prompt up, but am not actually sure if the output is normal or not, seems to have a fair few errors?

also had a look at the dmesg output, but again not sure if its normal or not:

Any help very much appreciated, please let me know if there is more info I can provide.


Had my packet rate on RC set too high for the receiver, seems to be working fine after correcting this.