Pixhawk 6c I/O PWM Failure

I got a Pixhawk 6c mini and 6c series hardware products from the dealer. I conduct many tests but faced with awful and annoying problem.

the problem is PWM output inconsistency in IO PWM port. I setup simple quad configuration and calibration as mentioned in the px4 documentation and products guidance.

My firmware configuration is px4 the latest stable one 1.13.3. I measured both from oscilloscope and output voltage level from IO PWM out and find all motor 1,2,3, and 4 is different even if I am in the manual mode and the sensor calibration is done and both gyro and level indication is good enough.

First test is conduct with RC controller.

The second test is conducted with virtual joystick one and ı removed the RC controller and the result is same again. All 4 motor PWM out is different voltage level. That makes the motor spin in different speed, and I fail to flight.

Third test conduct without any sensors only with the 6C mini and the 6c hardware separately. I repeated the measurement test first RC and secondly virtual joystick. Again, the PWM out for different motor channels is very changeable. I don’t expect such a value for motors. Because for the motors all 4 channels should be giving the same voltage level and pwm signal to drive motors with same speed without the change orientation of autopilot hardware.

I searched px4 documentation and forums but couldn’t be able to solve the problem. Only driving motors from the actuator menu gives the same voltage levels for all motors. I did fresh install and configuration again and the result is same.

Anyone else who faced that problem to help me, please?