Pixhawk 5x, Firmware 1.13.3 Crashed when Landing during RTL

Hello Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago a drone which was made by us using Pixhawk 5x FC and running on Firmware 1.13.3. Crashed when performing RTL.

The drone was sent on a survey mission at 60m altitude and 5m/s speed. The wind conditions became unfavorable after sending it on a mission so within a minute after its takeoff. We sent to the FC RTL command.

After the drone had reached the home location and began its decent at approximately 30m altitude the FC assumed that landing was detected and gave the command of 0 throttle. Time stamp (16:24.84)

We are trying to understand if this is hardware subcomponent level damage that has cause this or if is at bug of the latest firmware 1.13.3.

Kindly find below the link to the data of log from pix4.review.


Any and all help would be appreciated to help us diagnose what was the root cause.