Help me to find out the reason of crash

Dear Fellow Members,
I would like to be advised about the final cause of crash.
It was 3rd party stakeholder’s flight and I would like to acquire objective explanation.

I personally doubt that the RTL command has been established at 1:58 which is followed by Emergency Kill switch engage at 1:59. So the hexacopter tried to stabilise and execute RTL but, motors were stopped while in the air (even low) and the aircraft fell down with the momentum. Is it would be correct assumption?
Thank you very much for your help.

  • Raphael

Here is the log


Thank you once again.

upload the log file to the then share the link

Hi There,
Here is the link for Flight Review.

The PID tuning of the vehicle is off, and maybe the center of gravity also is not perfect. I assume in one point the throttle was lowered and then raised really fast because pid is not good the vehicle couldn’t stabilize the sudden change and then crashed. Being in the stabilize mode I can tell from experience it is kinda user error. Also why are you using really old version of PX4?