Pixhawk 5X constant reboot


We are using a Pixhawk 5x with peripherals connected to TELEM1 (Holybro P900 radio), CAN (ESCs), and GPS 1/2 and I2C (NeoV2 and H-RTK F9P).

Our pixhawk randomly reboots whenever we use telemetry, and the aircraft telemetry’s Tx LED indicates that it stops sending data. We are inclined to think it’s a telemetry issue since the total message loss during these reboots goes up, but I’ve changed out both the wiring and telemetry radio (for a different model) and the same issue persists. Even weirder is that the Pixhawk works for a few hours before encountering this issue again, only for it to resolve itself without us fixing it in any way.

Meanwhile, the Pixhawk’s B/E and ACT LEDs are blinking, indicating its stuck in the bootloader(?)


https://photos.app.goo.gl/pozCWxMEYBRG7DqH7 ← two videos that show my problem