Pixhack Reboot on land and problems

Good day and thank you for reading.

I have a Pixhack v2 installed in my quad. After my 3d flight yeserday I heard the FC reboot after I landed.

After that I noticed that the LED light was dead and the safety switch was unresponsive,however the start up soud was still playing when rebooting the FC. I cold also not connect via ground station

At the time the FC was running on Ardupilot firmware. When I got home I thought that the SD card might have been damaged and tried reloading the Ardupilot firmware but could not do it.

I tried loading PX4 firmware and succeeded in that. However I noticed that I get COMP0 not calibrated,COMP0 self test failed GYRO1 not calibrated, GYRO1 self test failed.

I tried disabling COMP0 and GYRO1 but I still get the self test errors.

I am very new to PX4 so if someone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.