Pixhawk 4, FrSky, R9MM, Horus X10, S.Port Telemetry

Hi. I am new here, and hope I have not missed an existing thread. - I am also brand new to FrSky

I am having difficulty (i.e. I have failed) in getting telemetry data from the Tx(out) pin of my Pixhawk 4 TELEM2 port via FrSky R9MM Inverted S.Port to the telemetry page of my FrSky Horus X10 fitted with an external RF Module

The R9MM receiver is bound to the X10 transmitter and I get Battery Voltage and RF Power displayed on the telemetry page, nothing else.

In Q Ground Control I have set TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG to be TELEM 2

I have attached an image of the waveform on the S.Port connection, and a schematic of the interconnections.

Can anyone please suggest what I may have done wrong or overlooked?

Many thanks. Alan K.

Did you find a solution?