PIxhawk 2 Serial Ports

Hey all,

I was curious about the PIxhawk 2 Serial Ports.
How much serial ports can we actually modify for use on it,
I can only see the 2 telem ports and the 2 gps ports on all the pictures of it.

I am working with the integration of a tegra tk1 gpu on a the pixhawk (and keen for upgrading to pixhawk 2).
But if the 2 telem ports are occupied by the nsh terminal and mavlink, then it would be impossible to integrate it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Suggestions?


You would configure it exactly the same as Pixhawk 1

Serial 1 and two are labeled telemetry 1 and 2, serial 3 and 4 are labeled GPS 1 and 2 and serial 5 as debug