Pixhawk 2.4.8 blue led no power led

Hello, I need some help.
We bought a DIY Drone Kit from QwinOut as a hexacopter and it came with a Pixhawk 2.4.8.
I’ve tested the pixhawk connecting it to the PC and everything was ok.
So as a next step, I followed the instructions of the vendor to start for the first time, as the image below. In the step 3, the pixhawk stoped working, and now just have a blue led on it.
Anyone has a tip on how to fix this?

Try connecting it to the PC again with a USB and check.

May be try re-installing the firmware

I’ve tried several times to connect to pc, but the pix only lights up the blue led and didn’t show up on the pc.

may be try flashing another firmware and check. if still does not work, then might be quality issue ( not sure though)

But how I do the flash with no pc connection?

Is the USB chord ok for data? Some chords are charging chords only. Im no expert but I had a similar issue once.

Yes, the data cable is working perfectly.