Crash PX4 Fw 1.6.0 RC


I was testing with latest PX4 release Firmware 1.6.0 RC

My quad was doing the 3rd mission today (2nd set of fresh battery).
=> I used to fly successfully before.

I am using a hobbyking pixhawk and 3DR power modules.
I also have a redundant power supply by my ESC powering back my servos rail with 5V.

During the last flight, it stoped mid-air and crashed like after a hard fault.
I checked the log attached here

And I can’t explain what went wrong.
Estimation seams good

On the ground,

  • The frame was in a bad shape
  • The motors were beeping (like when they don’t have pwm signals I think)
  • The main LED on pixhawk was on, Green and Still (not blinking like if it had restarted)

So I would guess that it should not be a power problem. otherwise it would have either no power on the ground OR the program would have restarted => the main LED would be blinking GREEN (and not remain still)
Do you agree with me or I miss something, please ?

I didn’t find such a file on the SD card

In case I can reproduce this problem,
Would you have any suggestions, please, on what to do next time in order to try to clarify what was wrong ?

Thanks in advance for your help clarifying this problem !
I wish you a nice weekend