Pin2Pin Alternative/Replacement to Honeywell HMC5883L/HMC5983 [EOL] Compass

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Greetings from Jacky Xu @Suffice in Shenzhen, China. We’re a 30-year sensor & solution provider in consumer electronics, and also serving as one of the major sensor suppliers in the UAV/drone market for 8 years.

As you know, Honeywell decided to abandon its HMC5883L/HMC5983 product line suddenly this Q1, which was once the default design compass chips for commercial & industry UAV/drones.

In order not to cause any delay of all the project, we write to recommended Isentek IST8310 chips, a Pin2Pin alternative to HMC5883L with a more powerful 14 bits ADC, a broader dynamic range (+/-1600uT) , a better linearity performance, and meanwhile a much lower hysteresis & noise level.

Z-axis techniques have also been well improved to get prepared for lower dehumidifying requirements & more adaptive resoldering manufacturing​ process​.

You might get some further application notes or datasheet related to the Honeywell HMC5883L Pin2Pin alternative [e-compass chip] from the below address:

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