Holybro GPS/Compass Replacement (NEO-M8N-0-10)

Good day

I’m trying to help someone locate a replacement part (I’m a complete pixhawk newbie)

Looking to replace out existing Holybro GPS/Compass module (think its dead), which is connected to a pixhawk px4.
Was hoping to find a unit which would be a straight drop in (relating to the wiring); but it it looks like the model has been discontinued.

Any thoughts, alternate modules, or suggestions on how to proceed

I’ve attached picture of the current GPS module.



Most any ublox GPS will be supported. In addition, most integrated compasses are supported in software by the autopilot. If they have different connectors you will have to make a custom cable or splice the wires (There will be six wires - 5v power, ground, ublox TX, ublox Rx, compass I2C data, compass I2C clock).

Here are a couple options - the cable connector will be the only issue:




Hi dlwalter

Bought some non Holybro replacements off amazon, and they worked (Checked for same wiring). Not not sure how functional/accurate they are, just that the Pixhawk detects them and provides GPS location. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07V1MG5F2

Also purchased the Holybro GPS recommended replacement (off the Holybro website; but still in transit atm)

Aside: was able to bring the original GPS back from the dead, using the ublox u-center management software. Saving and restoring the settings seemed to bring it back (and/or setting the baud rate to the expected 38400). Not sure how solid it is so not going to use the GPS in any live flights

Thanks for the reply