Pi-Connect for simple Flight Controller <-> RPi integration

Hi Everyone,

I’ve released a HAT for the Raspberry Pi for simplifying integration into a UAV. It’s essentially a 5.1V/3.5A power supply, JST-GH telemetry connector to flight controller and an on/off switch for safety powering down the RPi (reducing the risk of file system corruption).

This was inspired by a flight where the serial cable between the RPi and flight controller came loose inflight, leading to a loss of geotagging for the image capture software running on the RPi.

It’s designed for reliability and the power supply has the following features:

  • Wide input voltage (7 – 30V)
  • Reverse input protection
  • ESD protected
  • Supplies a full 5.1V at 3.5A for the Pi and accessories
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Short circuit protection

Boards (and cables) are available from my webstore over at www.rpanion.com