Wiring Companion board (RPI) for power and telemtry

So, I currently have a working setup, but I’m not sure its the optimal solution. I did not do the original design for the components and wiring, I’m taking over the project from someone else

Right now I have a Pixhawk 4, a PM07 Holybro power board, Raspberry Pi 4, and frsky x8r reciever as the basic components. Here is the basic layout of the wiring.


For telemetry, I have a USB cable coming out of the raspberry pi and connecting to the Telem2 connector on the Pixhawk. he USB cable is spliced to break out the wires to the housing needed for the Pixhawk. I know I can just connect the Telem2 port of the Pixhawk to the RPI4’s uart pins on the gpio header. Which will allow me to supply power and remove the power splitter from the LIPO.

However, I keep reading that its better to use the RPI Type C to power the RPI because of the built in voltage regulator. So that leads me to believe that the current method of powering the RPI would be correct.

However, can’t I use the PM07 power module to handle the power for the RPI? After-all the PM powers the Pixhawk via one of the two power ports on the PM. Couldn’t I use the 2nd Power port on the PM to wire up the RPI for power? The PM has its own voltage regulator, correct? This reduces the wiring on the quad and takes advantage of the PM to power everything.

I’ve done a number of searches and found power stabilizer boards for the RPI that are no longer available, you tube videos that show the Telem2 connector powering the RPI yet they say use the Type C, but I’ve not found a solid description of the best way to wire and power the RPI.

Any insight would be much appreciated.