Params definition

Hey all,

I cant quite work out how to get QGC to recognise the customs params metadata i have defined.
It keeps getting placed into Default Group on QGC, and dont know what im missing.

the file (px4_Quad2GPU_params.c) is placed into my folder, structured like this:
#include <systemlib/param/param.h>

/* PX4 rights thingo */



  • Control Mode Temp
  • Aye there
  • @unit sel
  • @min 0
  • @max 5
  • @decimal 0
  • @increment 1
  • @reboot_required false
  • @group TX1_Comms

In the main file (px4_Quad2GPU_MAIN.cpp) I have:
In class definition:

param_t modeselparam;
int modesel;

and in the class constructor:

modeselparam = param_find(“TXCOMMS_MODE”);
param_get(modeselparam, &modesel);

but yet, i cant get QGC to recognise the metadata

Is there anything i am in particularily missing?
I followed the mc_att_control example for params, also following the link:


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I’m having the same issue, did you ever find out how to resolve this?