Parameter Addition to Firmware and QGroundControl Interface

Hey everyone! I am having some troubles with the build system inside the PX4 firmware. Any help would be much appreciated. This is my first post on the forum too so if this post does not belong in the correct topic or if you need additional information to help, let me know.

Issue: I added a new module to my Px4/firmware branch and it contains a “*param.c” file. I was expecting its contents to pop up in QGC and they did. However their metadata didn’t get processed properly and they were dumped under “Other/Misc” tab without any min/max/default parameters I defined in my “*param.c” file.

I also went through some of the old posts on the forum [1] about adding new parameters and how minor version needs to be bumped. But no luck so far …

[1] Changing parameters meta in QGroundControl

I actually solved this issue. My problem was most likely also the version bump issue inside the