Custom Parameter in mc_pos_Control not showing in q ground control

I have added a custom parameter into mc_pos_control but it will not appear in q ground control or in parameters.xml in build. Is there something I have to do to build the parameters?

Thanks in advance

here is the parameter code:


  • MPC Boosted angle
  • controls the max forward angle during boosted flight.
    *@unit deg
  • @min -1.1
  • @max 45.0
  • @group Multicopter Position Control

also I am using “param_find(“MPC_B_ANGLE”)” in the cpp file

Check the define, it looks like you have a lowercase L.


That was the solution.

I encountered same problem. I modified the mc_att_control_params.c, adding



and I added

(ParamFloat<px4::params::MC_OHHHHO>) _param_mc_ohhhho,

in the DEFINE_PARAMETERS function in the mc_att_control.hpp file,
while I also added


in mc_att_control_main.cpp
After these operations, I ran make px4_fmu-v5_default upload. But the MC_OHHHHO didn’t appear in the QGC.
Any ideas?

After I copy the generated parameters.xml to qgroundcontrol/src/FirmwarePlugin/PX4/PX4ParameterFactMetaData.xml, and recompile the QGC, then the parameter that I added appeared. Is there some steps that are unnessary.