How to resolve *YourCustomParam* is not a member of 'px4::params' error? What's the cause?


So I’ve been adding new parameters and stumbled across this error.

Basically, it seems that the px4::params enum values hasn’t been updated to contain the New parameters I’ve added. For example, “JETSKI_ADC_ID” in the screenshot.

How do I get rid of this error? And what is causing it?

p.s. Doesn’t PX4 build the parameter file automatically if I just define the parameters using macros such as ‘DEFINE_PARAMETERS’ I’ve used?

p.s.2) It seems that Ardupilot has a documentation on adding a new parameter but PX4 doesn’t. Also, I couldn’t find a similar question to this in this forum. Hoping to get some answers :laughing:

*Update : After I tried “make px4_fmu-v2_default” which successfully built an image for a FMUv2, the build for FMU v3 worked the next time. Seems like a dependency / metadata issue? Not sure :hamburger: :cry:

Most likely build order issue.