Parameters Missing on "Generic quad delta VTOL"

This is my first VTOL build. Im using the Skywalker X8 and when I get to the Tuning option on QGroundControl, there is a warning message: “Parameters are missing from the firmware. You may be running a version of firmware QCG does not work correctly with or your firmware has a bug on it. Missing params: -1:MC_ROLL_TC, -1:MC_ROLL_TC, -1:MC_PITCH_TC, -1:MC_ROLL_TC, -1:MC_ROLL_TC, -1:MC_PITCH_TC, -1:MC_ROLL_TC, -1:MC_ROLL_TC, -1:MC_PITCH_TC”

Also the AutoTune parameter is missing from the Tuning option on QGC tab

Please help! Thank you!

  • What version QGC and PX4 Pro are you using?
  • What airframe have you chosen in the initial setup?
  • Have you done all the Sensors calibration?

Good luck.

Use a new daily build.

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