Oscillations during flight

Hi there,

I witnessed roll oscillations during flight post auto-tune of the pixhawk 6C and px4 v1.13.1. Can anyone help me in finding the reasons and guide me to solve the issue?

Thank you,
Sree Mayur.

You need to upload the flight log before anyone has a chance to help you.

Sure, thank you.
Please find the screenshots of logs attached.

No I mean the entire flight log. If you upload it to here, you can just send the link here.


Mr_Madsen, please find the logs attached.

Thank you
Sree Mayur.

The roll and pitch attitude of in the flight log you shared are actually quite well (after auto tune). Which oscillations are you talking about? When in the flight are they?

The logs of roll and pitch angles are not smooth. They are oscillating about the set point of 0.5-1 degree.
I would also request you to go through the following logs, where they are much significant.


But that’s with a very different tuning than the one above, the FW rate controller seems to have just the default tuning is that right? Why are you not happy with the tuning from the auto tuning?

I am looking for finer attitude control, Sfuhrer.
Can you please guide me?

The quality of the attitude tracking is by a very large extent defined by the quality of the rate tracking, so I would use the FW rate controller gains you got through the auto tuning.

Okay, thank you. I’ll get back to you after analyzing the logs.