Omnibus F4 SD radio problem

I upload bootloader & px firmware to Omnibus F4 SD (V3.1) along to the official document and wired frsky SBUS receiver to ppm/sbus pin.
But when I try to calibrate radio, QGC says, " Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4, you need at least 5 channels".

Is anyone succeed to connect radio to Omnibus F4 SD (px4)? If so, which receiver modules did you use? Or is my connection incorrect? Need to change some parameters before build px4 firmware?

I checked below:

  • ppm/sbus jumper is connected correctly.
  • flash betaflight bootloader/firmware and made sure fc worked and radio is bind correctly.
  • tried ppm receiver as well, but the calibration was failed in the same message.
  • did the same process with pixhawk and it successed.

I have same problem on PX4 ver 1.10.1.
Some Omnibus F4 board I have that can’t detect radio channels with PX4.
My radio receiver works normally with these boards with Betaflight.
I guess this problem is due to failed on parser because that received buffer (checked with J-Link debugger) is broken.
But I don’t know why this buffer is broken.

I can’t resolve it, but I hope this will help.

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I have same problem too.
I flash omnibus_f4sd_default to eachine X220s’s flight controller Omnibus F4 V3 flight controller with STM32 F405 MCU.
At the begining all hardware was default.(flysky fs-i6x transmitter and fs-a8s receiver)
then i changed them to taranis x9d-plus and frsky d8 receiver.
i took that radio channel error on qground with both combinations.
but when the firmware was betaflight all combinations were okey.
here is my cable connection on board.
i use sbus.

any solution?

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