Offboard Velocity and altitude sudden increases

Hey there. I’m facing an issue - using offboard mode and suddenly as the drone trying to reach a different altitude, the velocity and altitude will sudden increase drastically to the ceiling.

Here is the flight log:

Please help and I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

What are relying on for Pose estimation??? Your EKF_AID_MASK shows IMU Bias Estimation,
is that so?

Hi @mwbb, my EFK_AID_MASK is using optical flow as pose estimation.


My bad, you are correct.

1 - What is your setup? If you are not using DJI ESCs please change ur airframe to Generic Quad.
2 - I see that you are having lots of vibrations. Try to fix it.
3 - What are you relying on for your altitude? If it is a sonar sensor, then try a lidar or another range sensor.


I am currently using F450 frame but I’m not sure what do you referring to DJI ESCs. (this is my purchase - except that i’m using Pixhawk 2.4.8)

And can I generally ask how does it affects the parameters if I select Generic?