Offboard mode in v1.12.0 Beta 5

I am using PX4 v1.12.0 Beta 5 on a Pixhawk Cube Orange. When attempting to switch into “Offboard” I get the error message “Switching into offboard is not available”.

I have a Raspberry Pi connected as a companion computer over USB. The airframe is a fixed-wing aircraft. My system, parameter settings, and software work great with v1.11, no issues. However, I would like to use v1.12 for the RTK GPS over CAN functionality with the Here3, which is not supported in v1.11.

Is “offboard” not available because it is a beta release or is there some functionality that changed with v1.12 compared to v1.11?

Thanks for any advice! -J

Offboard is available and should be working.

If it rejects offboard mode, it means the conditions are not met for the vehicle to enter offboard mode.

It would be more useful if you can provide more information, such as a log so that we can find out ehy offboard mode is rejected

You had same problem with me.

Mavros continuosly said “requesting home position”

I think cube orange had a problem.

If Pixhawk connect to QGC, looks like to set home position on QGC but mavros request home position

Still have not been able to use Offboard mode with CubeOrange on PX4 firmware v1.12. I believe it is a CubeOrange specific issue. We have continued to use v1.11. I truly hope this issue is resolved someday so we can use the Here3 RTK GPS over CAN.

I tried mavros offboard control on cube black and cube black was able to connect onboard through mavros.