Mavros: rc offboard mode

Hi everybody,
Currently I would like to receive RC signal using mavors/rc_in and add with the chirping signal generated by my code. After that, I will produce this signal again to FCU (maybe mavros_msgs/OverrideRCin) to override RC signal. My platform is PX4 native stack.
To do that, I had to change my system to Offboard mode through service mavros/setmode. But when I run my launch file, it shows me one error like
[INFO] offboard enabled.
{Error] FCU: rejecting mode switch cmd.
Some one tell me how I can solve this problem or how to achieve this purpose.

What I understand is that you need to have a GPS 3D Fix and send messages more than every 0,5s to be able to switch to OFFBOARD.
Is it your case ?

I’m also trying to work with offboard but did not success yet :wink:

Hi @Benoit_C, did you get any progress on your offboard test? Now I’m trying the offboard mode too. I can change to offboard mode and arm the vehicle and I can’t change the main output.

Hello, sorry I have switch back to Arducopter for some testing, I will give another try to PX4 later in september.

Thanks for your reply! Hope your testings go well!

RC Override is not offboard! That take over radio control inputs, so you can do joystick over telemetry.
But that potential risky way to do autonomous control. That why there are bunch of setopint plugins which require OFFBOARD, rate > 2 Hz (0.5 sec period).