Offboard mode in SITL

I have been having trouble with the offboard mode in PX4. I have been trying to use it via SITL with the iris model and have not been successful. I tried two approaches:

  1. I have tried to implement it via the MAVSDK python example ‘’.
  2. I have tried to carry it out following the offboard control example in Redirecting to latest version of document (main).
    Both implementations lead me to the same error that triggers the failsafe.


Is there something wrong with the offboard mode? Am I doing something incorrectly? Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Xun;

I have been struggling with the same problem for weeks, but I always end up with that error. I have tried recently ROS 2 as well (see my last topic) but I also end up with the same message. @LorenzMeier

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I am facing the same error in ros1 . Can anyone help me to solve the issue ?


Are the parameters NAV_DLL_ACT = 0, NAV_RCL_ACT = 0 and COM_RCL_EXCEPT = 4?


Thank you so much! That actually solved the issue. I was able to fly the offboard example in C++ for the iris model.
One additional comment, have you ever tried to use the offboard mode while flying visual without gps?

Why they should be set in this way?

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This solved my problem. Thanks a lot