Offboard_control does not work with pixhawk 4

I am trying to get the ROS2 offboard example running on a pixhawk 4 using a nanopi neo 3 as companion computer. The micrortps_bridge is working via the UART/i2c port which is set to onboard and topics can be echoed.
The whole setup works in gazebo, but not on the actual board.
I noticed that the published timestamps are not in world time, but only count from system start. timesync does not publish anything, so offboard_example publishes timestamp 0. I tried using system time and the timestamp of “fmu/vehicle_status/out”. but it dosn’t have any effect.
Is there a working drone project i could have a look at to see where i went wrong?

I seem to be having the same issue. Next to timesync/out also for instance vehicle_visual_odometry is not visible (and publishing to it via RTPS doesn’t do anything.
Did you manage to figure out what the issue was?
Kind regards