Timesync topic is not published when mavlink is connected

I have an issue that for some reason the timesync RTPS topic is not starting with the microRTPS client. (When I do the same with simulation, it does start).
I am trying to find out where and when this topic should be started, but no luck so far.
I also cannot find anything about this in de documentation sadly.
I see that if I stop all mavlink with mavlink stop-all before connecting the rtps bridge, the timesync does get published.
Why can this be the case? And is there a way to make sure that this is not necessary, because I would prefer to still be using QGroundControl while controlling the drone from an offboard computer.

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That’s because if you search the px4 repository for ORB_ID(timesync_status) you’ll see the only publisher of that topic comes from mavlink_timesync.h. I’m also interested in how the timesync and timesync_status topics works, however it appears the rtps and mavlink modules handle those topics before more data is passed internally to px4.

It appears there’s some explanation on how it works in this issue:

Also if you search the uorb graph, you’ll see no references of any modules using the timesync or timesync_status topics: uORB Publication/Subscription Graph | PX4 User Guide

Helo! I have the same issue. Did you solve the problem?

Well no, for now I am just stopping mavlink with mavlink stop-all to make it work and thats it.