Octocopter flies badly with Durandal, nicely with Pixhawk 4

Hello. I have built a coaxial octocopter. It is using 8 400Hz PWM ESCs connected to the MAIN ports of both a Durandal and a Pixhawk 4

I’ve done the ESC calibration and so on, but what I notice is that the drone flies almost perfectly with the Pixhawk 4 but flies very poorly using a Durandal running the “same” configuration. (don’t mind the firmware revision, they are all 1.13 with minor telemetry modifications)

As you can see from the logs, the motor outputs on the Durandal are all messed up while they look reasonable on the Pixhawk 4.

Pixhawk 4:


If you need more infos let me know.
Any clues?


Your vibration needs to be order of magnitudes less so check the physical setup.

In the P4 flight is it lower than the Durandal flight but that is likely just the difference in measurement in the autopilots with the D registering more due to its floating imu setup.

First step is to get the vibration lower then to see if things become similar in flight characteristics.

Thanks. Can you point me to which vibration metrics I should take a look too and which are the reasonable values for them?