Nvidia Xavier NX module, Pixhawk, Interfacing with carrier Board

Hi ! I have bought Nvidia Xavier NX module but I am confused about buying Carrier Board alongwith it. I am not sure which carrier board to buy for this module so, that i can interface it with Pixhawk 4 board and use it as companion computer. Thanks in Advance!!!

I think the carrier board for the Xavier NX is the same as the Jetson Nano.

Attached below is the link of a carrier Jetson carrier board link

I hope you have got the ROS2 RTPS hardware setup figured out.

Hi @REGATTE . Pixhawk exposes TELEM 2 port for connecting it with external SBCs/ companion computer. It uses UART to communicate, Not sure the board you mentioned has inbuild UART port or we need to connect to usb via FTDI cable in order to access UART communication. And in case , we connect it via FTDI cable, will there be any performance issue…
I have previously used NVIDIA jetson TX2 with auvidea J121 carrier board and In Auvidea J121 carrier board there was separate UART 0/2 port for interfacing it with pixhawk directly. Let me know your thoughts on that…Thanks for the suggestion btw. I was checking out auvidea JNX30 carrier board and was try to figure out about the interfacing with pixhawk.

The data transfer rates wouldn’t be hindered as such. You could always connect the Fc <-> CC via the USB cable (USB-A at CC to micro-b at PX4), which also does the job perfectly.

I used jumpers to connect my jetson to the telemetry2 port using by soldering them to the telemetry cable provided in the PX4 set, but that was useless as jumper cables break easily. You’d be better off using a USB data cable for prototyping and probably a PCB at a later point.

but if you’re concerned about the data transfer bottleneck, the pixhawk 5x has an ETH port that communicated via UDP protocol, which provides a larger bandwidth and better speed in comparison to UART.

pixhawk 5x docs: link