Connecting a pixhawk 2.4.8 to Nvidia Jetson Nano

Hi, I’m making an autonomous drone using Nvidia Jetson Nano as onboard computer. I have the FC connected to GPIO pins (J41 pins) 8 and 10. But I don’t see any change in lsusb.
The rx-tx pair is named /dev/ttyTHS1. This setup is similar to raspberry pi setup (which I’ve never done!).

I don’t think connecting to GPIO pins would show up in lsusb.

I think what you want to try is to connect using something like MAVSDK to the serial port with the correct baudrate to check if any MAVLink messages are arriving.

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check this link , solution provided by Brisbane Robotics Club…

i will be testing the same with jetson-nano.


As @JulianOes has already pointed out, lsusb only shows usb devices.

I have used jetson nano for mavlink communication over TELEM2 and it works out of the box. You need to check if your serial configurations are correct

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This link saved my life! Thank you for sharing this. Installing MAVProxy worked!

try use minicom receive mavlink message

Can you share the link of the product which you’re using to connect (UART-JSTGH connector) with me? If you got it from online somewhere? An amazon link would do.