Connecting a pixhawk 2.4.8 to Nvidia Jetson Nano

Hi, I’m making an autonomous drone using Nvidia Jetson Nano as onboard computer. I have the FC connected to GPIO pins (J41 pins) 8 and 10. But I don’t see any change in lsusb.
The rx-tx pair is named /dev/ttyTHS1. This setup is similar to raspberry pi setup (which I’ve never done!).

I don’t think connecting to GPIO pins would show up in lsusb.

I think what you want to try is to connect using something like MAVSDK to the serial port with the correct baudrate to check if any MAVLink messages are arriving.

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check this link , solution provided by Brisbane Robotics Club…

i will be testing the same with jetson-nano.


As @JulianOes has already pointed out, lsusb only shows usb devices.

I have used jetson nano for mavlink communication over TELEM2 and it works out of the box. You need to check if your serial configurations are correct

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This link saved my life! Thank you for sharing this. Installing MAVProxy worked!

try use minicom receive mavlink message