Pixhawk 2.1 Kore carrier board vs carrier board

Hi all !

I want to use px4 with a Pixhawk 2.1, yellow cube but I don’t know if I need a simple carrier board (https://hexadrone.fr/cube-carrier-board/2689-carrier-board-adsb-pour-pixhawk-2-hex.html) or the kore carrier board (https://hexadrone.fr/cube-carrier-board/1752-kore-carrier-board-pour-pixhawk-2-hex-0094393522454.html).

My drone is big enought to carry the kore carrier board but I don’t understand what add the kore. Do I really need a kore carrier board or the simple carrier board is ok ?

What is the benefit of the kore ? Thank you a lot


Hey I will give my opinion. I have been trying to setup a Mid size drone with the Kore carrier board. At this point, after a couple weeks of trial and error I have come to the conclusion if your not experienced with the programming and the ports you will find the information very lacking. I have abandoned my first drone build at the moment using the Kore carrier and purchased a new version pixhawk so I can get better support and information during the setup. There is no step by step to build with the kore, I could not get the canbus to work either. I am hoping to have this step by step written when I can figure some things out.
The benefit as I see it is the Kore carrier has the power management on the board, I was able to find some pretty good info on setting that up https://dronela.localad.com/community/postid/126/