Not build installer file

Hi there, I build and run daily build of QGC without any problem on Win10 but I can’t build installer file for this.
Note, I install NSIS and in build settings enter ‘CONFIG+=installer’ in qmake!
Thanks a lot for any body to guide me.

Looks at the build output in Qt Creator for hints as to what is going wrong

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That is fixed, with Inno
Note, you must fix .dll files with MSVC (windeployqt).

Not sure what you are talking about. This should work as is without changes. If it doesn’t please file an Issue with exact details.

Which file do you mean? the output of qt creator? or qgc_installer.nis?

To create a installer all you need to do is install NSIS and then build with config+=installer. You should not need to modify anything related to files in the QGC repro.

I modified some .qml files, installer file will not make? Cause I installed NSIS and in build settings of QT add this “config+=installer” but did not create installer file.