No Serial Connection with Cube Orange and PX4 v1.14.3


I just got a Cube orange and tried to connect it to the Herelink as well as to a companion computer (JETSON NANO DEV KIT). With both systems I can not establish a serial connection and thus also get no heartbeat when installing px4 1.14.3. It all works well when I install Ardupilot but I can’t get it working with px4.

The companion computer is connected with Telem2 to the serial port of the Jetson Nano. The Herelink is plugged into Telem1. I have enabled both ports using QGC and also tried different baud rates, all with no success.

I have tried different firmwares still without success. The cube also doesn’t detect the Herelink (RC input nor UART). But everything works well when I flash Ardupilot on it.