No PID Tuning Tab


I have a problem with QGroundControl PID tuning. On one PixHawk that is configured as a quadcopter, it show the PID tuning tab, but on the other that is configured as a fixed wing, it doesn’t. Both are the same version, and flashed to same version.

Am I missing something?


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I do not know how to resolve that, but I experienced the same issue.

Fixed Wing is not there (yet)

There is an explizit documentation HowTo autotune for FW!
So if the PID Tunning Tab does not appear for “Fixed Wings” it seems to be an fault.

Is there an setting on the FMU or QGroudControl which control the avalability?

This got added in Add PIDTuning UI for fixed wing vehicles by Jaeyoung-Lim · Pull Request #10384 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

Hello! I still do not see a PID Tuning Tab in QGroundControl for FW platform.
QGroundControl v4.2.8
Hardware: Pixhawk 6C Mini
Airframe: Generic Standard Plane

Any thoughts on how to enable this?