"no global position" with Gazebo SITL plane with home location reset in North America

Attempting to reset the initial location of the plane with the SITL/Gazebo/ROS setup using the command below.

PX4_HOME_LAT=40, PX4_HOME_LON=-70, PX4_HOME_ALT=50 make posix gazebo_plane

But we are getting a “no global position” error.

  1. GPS location as reported on ROS topic /mavros/global_position/global is as expected
  2. Same command works fine with some lat/long positions in Europe and Asia
  3. Same command works fine with default Gazebo SITL (quadcopter)
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I independently verified this problem.
I have tried also tried setting LPE_LAT and LPE_LON as the starting point.

From the PX4 console:
[commander_tests] Failsafe enabled: no local position
[navigator] Global position failure: fixed bank loiter
[lib__ecl] EKF bad yaw corrected using GPS course
[lib__ecl] EKF GPS fusion timeout - reset to GPS

In case anyone else runs into this problem, here is the fix that worked for me.