"No Local Position" error on takeoff with plane (SITL Gazebo) (log attached)

Log File

Upon takeoff in the gazebo plane simulator, I have seeing a failsafe due to no local position.

INFO  [tone_alarm] arming
INFO  [commander] Takeoff detected
WARN  [commander_tests] Failsafe enabled: no local position

The only thing I do to the simulation system is set the home location to within the United States. I do not see this behavior if I take off from the stock home location in Switzerland. Here is my startup routine:

export PX4_HOME_LAT=42.0
export PX4_HOME_LON=-71.0
export PX4_HOME_ALT=98.0
make posix gazebo_plane

Wait for everything to initialize for ~15 seconds…

pxh>> commander takeoff

Anyone seen this before?

Issue request on github