Nmea gps px4

Supports nmea messages when gps_type: 5 is set in ardupilot versions. What can be done to support nmea messages on PX4 versions?

The parameter GPS_1_PROTOCOL is controlling which protocol should be used to communicate with the receiver. If set to 0, it should find automatically that your GPS is using NMEA, otherwise, you can also set it to 6 (NMEA (generic)).

I downloaded the latest version of px4 but didn’t see 6 NMEA options. Do you know in which version this option is available? Thanks for your reply.

It should be in v1.12 already. If you don’t see it in QGC, it’s probably because your QGC version isn’t up to date. You can also just try to set it to 0 and see if it finds it automatically

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how can we check in CUBE Orange through QGC ( Px4 ) whether GPS2 is enabled to accept a secondary GPS module .

When i switched the GPS2_protocol to 6 ( NMEA generic) , it is switching to FEMTOMES which is 5 in the list !! There is no 6. My Px4 ver is x.12.x…