New to Px4

Just moved to Px4 from Ardupilot.

  • Flashed my pixhawk with the latest version 1.9.2.
  • Calibrated all the sensors and radio.
  • Calibrated the esc and connected motors.
  • Connected the battery, armed, pushed the throttle and nothing happened.
  • Checked the output- no change in DC when throttle is moved.
    Please advise.

Hi @Dman ,
If you armed, you should be able to get a log file from the SD card (or download it from QGC). Please upload it to and share the link here.
Also, can you specify what’s your hardware and type of drone please? Are your ESCs using PPM, OneShot, DShot?

I will send the log later.
It is a custom drone, racer frame with 2212 motors.
The controller is Pixhawk 1.
I am using a oscilloscope and the output is constant 900 usec.
Can it be related to the calibration of the ESC?

If the outputs are 900usec, it usually means that the vehicle is not armed or that the mixer is not loaded properly or that you are not measuring the correct output. Are you connected to the main outputs? Did you disable IO? Did you follow that guide ?

I flashed the developer firmware 1.9.0.
Modified the parameters that prohubited arming and now it works.
Next stage will be PID tuning.
Thank you.