Looking for my first drone for programming

Hey all,
Im an engineer that want to get ‘hands on’ practice in drone programming.
I have 2 goals:

  1. Improvement my basic programming skills (c++)
  2. Experience with Guidance and Navigation algorithms and deal with ‘real world’ issues (in contrast to academic issues).
  • My OS is Windows
  • Im thinking to buy QAV250 mini (included camera for additional option to program).

I read the beginning guide and i want to get some advice from you. THX!

Hello @evm and welcome to the community,

You may go and check the documentation for PX4 so that how you can run your quad ;


Besides, based on how you wanna be developing (Either Firmware or your own programs) You can use MAVLINK or MAVROS. Both Python and C++ are gonna be ok for your implementation purposes but C++ for core software development.

Also you may take a look at here: