Help getting started

I am brand new to the PX4 autopilot. I ave the unit with the cube attached, I have installed the ground control software, connected to the PX4, and calibrated the unit up to where you do the radio. The VTOL-Tri-Rotor is the closest thing to what my actual airframe will be. Instead of elevons I will have Yaw trim-tabs while hovering to assist in anti-swirl.

I need help getting started to develop the code for this setup, starting with the existing code for the Tri-Rotor. I don’t even know if I start with the PX4 or Dronecode or whatever that’s called.

I need to develop under Wimdows. Can anyone point me in teh right direction?

@James_Unden You can get started by going through the documentation

Ok, I went through the steps, downloaded the source code and managed to open the project in Eclipse. When I try and compile (with no changes to the code) I get some errors:
In mc_att_control_main.cpp, line 205, it can’t find a parameter: parameter_update
line 526, it can’t find vehicle_attitude_setpoint
And there are more below that.

It looked like I could build in the console, but I came back today, made no changes to anything, and it won’t build anymore. I thought I might be able to change the source code in Eclipse and re-compile in the console, but now that’s not working either.