New dev call format!

Hi All,

Daniel and I got together with David after today’s dev call and discussed what we can improve to make it more effective and keep it in sync with the main development. The last time we’ve adjusted the call format was two years ago and given the growth of our community it is about time. Here is what we came up with:

  • One of us will screen-share the current open PR / issue list so all participants have visual context what topic we are currently discussing
  • Duration will be shortened to 45 minutes for the call + 45 minutes overflow budget where the core dev team is available as needed for in-depth technical discussions
  • Topics will be limited to contributions, so we will not spend extended amounts of time on feature requests. Proposals on the call are welcome, but they need a sponsor (someone willing to implement it)
  • We will discuss issues / PRs that are flagged for dev call and expect the proposer and the assigned reviewer to be on the call:

The objectives of this new format are:

  • Have the dev call in lockstep with ongoing development work
  • Serve as a high-level forum to discuss where the project is going. No deep technical discussions in the main call.
  • Point of contact for open-ended questions (e.g. if someone wants to contribute controllers for a new vehicle category and needs architectural buy-in)
  • Have all the subsystem maintainers with active pull requests present in one place for quick decisionmaking

I’m looking forward to having engaged discussions!


Seems to me like a great plan.

One thing i would like to have some thoughts on is related to the Dronecode ecosystem.
From the 2019 presentation i understood that the goal is to bring a more unified system (i.e. Air/Cround/Analytics/SDK)

There are topics that overlap some or all of these and i dont believe there is a platform to discuss these where all key parties are on the call. (i might be wrong but please enlighten me)