Weekly Dev Call of February 28, 2017

Please note the change in day and time to Tuesday at 5PM CET.

Dial in details: https://dev.px4.io/starting-contributing.html#weekly-dev-call

Topics so far:

  • Release planning

#Dronecode Dev Call - 02/28/2017



Long term release 2.0 vs stable release 1.6

  • we want to have a branch for forward looking development
  • Also need a stable branch for stabilizing and commercializing features

SoC vendors focused on integrating their platform, need people to contribute to platform and stabilization/ease of use

Who at each company can focus on:

  1. Feature Integration
  2. Stabilization/ease of use of core platform

Need to better document roadmap, release features, release schedule

Pub/Sub seems prevalent on commercial drones, 2 problems:

  • Grow dronecode SW ecosystem so you can run obstacle avoidance app on multiple drones
  • Integration with registration system

Would like a lightweight middleware with few dependencies:

  • focus is on a solid core
  • want to still have a story for using ROS
  • Tailor logging and replay to this middleware
  • Is this re-creating ROS2?
  • ROS serialization not extenisble
  • Will extensibility create a fragmented platform?
  • ROS2 lite?

Drone manufacturers seem open to adopting a lightweight middleware and air map service providers


  • Need to manage package dependencies

3DR Middleware links:

- http://discuss.dronecode.org/t/messaging-systems/87
- http://discuss.dronecode.org/t/message-format-options/88
- https://gist.github.com/liamstask/1bf35b0cf5c73c787d45

Action Items

  • Jim, Rama - follow up with Christophe on VIO
  • Mark to create middleware table with FastRTPS, MQTT, ZeroMQ, GRPC
  • Ramon and Lorenz to create release roadmap documentation
  • Luis to provide feedback on Camera API
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